6 Fun Dental Stocking Stuffers

The Holidays are the perfect time to reevaluate your dental hygiene habits. Instead of candy or other food items, consider some of these Sterling Dental Center favorites for your loved ones.

1- Toothbrush

Literally, everyone could use a new toothbrush. We don’t change our toothbrushes often enough. In fact, you should be changing your toothbrush every three to four months! This year, give everyone in the family a new toothbrush (buy a value pack!) and start the new year off right.

2- Mouthwash

Not everyone remembers to make mouthwash a part of their regular dental hygiene routine. Mouthwash helps prevent and reduce tartar, plaque, and gingivitis. With so many variations, get a travel size to try. Plus, it is conveniently stocking suffer size.

3- Floss

Floss plays such an important part in cavity prevention, but people often overlook it. You should be flossing once every day. To make it easier for your loved ones, pop a package of floss into their stocking as a gentle reminder to work on cavity prevention.

4- Toothbrush Holder

Spice up the counter space with a fun and quirky toothbrush holder. Dental hygiene doesn’t have to be boring! If you have kids, a favorite character or fun animal can make brushing teeth enjoyable. Adults don’t have to miss out, there are a variety of options including fake grass, moose antlers, lobsters, and more!

5- Travel Kit

With all the traveling this time of year, a new travel toothbrush kit is the perfect gift. Just like with your regular toothbrush, you should be replacing your travel toothbrush regularly. It may be harder to remember to replace your travel one as it’s out of sight, out of mind. Choose a convenient option and get a kit complete with toothbrush and toothpaste. Or, choose a more sustainable option and get a reusable holder (without a brush).

6- Dental Chews

Don’t forget your favorite four-legged family member! Just because they aren’t in charge of their own dental hygiene doesn’t mean they won’t benefit from a dental themed present. Pick up a pack of dental chews (there are so many kinds and brands to choose from) and make sure to give them to your cat or dog regularly. They will think you are giving them a treat, all the while you are really taking care of their teeth.

Happy Holidays from Sterling Dental Center! Call us today to schedule your bi-annual cleanings for next year. It’s never too early to make an appointment.