cavity tips

7 Cavity Prevention Tips

At Sterling Dental Center, one of the most common things we see in both children and adults is cavities. The good news is that there are a lot of easy ways that you can prevent cavities.

1: Brush Your Teeth Every Day

Plaque and bacteria builds up insanely quickly in your mouth, which is why it is so important to brush your teeth every day. Brushing before bed is essential so that bacteria doesn’t have a chance to form enamel damaging acid.

2: Brush the Right Way

Brushing your teeth will not have as much of an effect, if you are not doing it correctly. Make sure to use a soft toothbrush, use light pressure, and brush your tongue. You should replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months as they wear out and become less effective.

3: Drink More Water

One of the best ways to prevent cavities is to cut out the sugar you consume through drinks. Though it may not seem like it, soda and other artificially sweetened drinks wreak havoc on our teeth and cause cavities. Replace your afternoon soda with a glass of water instead.

4: Floss Frequently

We know it can be hard to remember to floss or to make flossing a part of your routine, but it is important. Flossing helps get rid of plaque and bacteria that builds up between your teeth. Try doing flossing while watching Netflix or right before bed.

5: Stop Smoking

Smoking is terrible for your teeth as well as your health. Smoking causes staining, bad breath, disease, decay, infection, and even potentially cancer. To keep your mouth in prime shape and further prevent cavities, stop smoking for good.

6:  Eat Good Foods

We all know there are some foods that are really bad for your teeth, but did you know there are also foods that are good for your teeth? Incorporate cheese, fresh vegetables and fruit, and unsweetened tea and coffee to help with your dental health.

7:  Regular Dentist Visits

The best way to fight cavities or keep them from getting worse is to visit the dentist regularly. Most insurance plans will cover two dental visits per year. We will thoroughly clean your teeth, make note of potential problem areas, and fix any issues that could get worse down the road.
If you are already doing all of this, great! If not, try incorporating one or two into your routine. You can start with a dental checkup. Call Sterling Dental Center today to set up an appointment!