Top-Rated Local® dentists in Sterling Oh to be cavity-free! Many people dream of super-strong, impermeable teeth; those that stand up to almost anything. As Americans, we spend a collective fortune on dental health products that promise the goal of strengthened teeth with their anti-cavity features. Though toothpastes, flosses and mouthwashes can help fight against cavities, the food we eat actually has much more of an effect on the strength of our teeth; both positive and negative. Where we understand that eating candy and drinking soda all day can damage our teeth, which foods actually help protect our oral health is lesser understood. Foods that promote strong teeth include:

  • Milk, yogurt and cheese. Teeth need calcium. By increasing the foods in your diet that are rich in calcium and phosphate, the strength of teeth is increased along with the benefit of overcoming the reduction of minerals caused by other foods in our diet.
  • Foods rich in Vitamin D. Milk fortified with Vitamin D is a good choice as is fish, oats, mushrooms, broccoli and soy.
  • High-fiber foods. Fruits and vegetables are great additions to any diet, but their high-fiber count helps dental health by increasing saliva flow. By washing their calcium, phosphates and other minerals around your mouth helps to create a defensive shield against those foods that are corrosive to teeth. Include dates, raisins, figs, bananas and apples for a healthy snack and increase the daily amounts of vegetables like brussel sprouts, peas, beans and celery for their high fiber content.
  • Tea. Along with a variety of health benefits, black and green tea are known to deliver positive dental health properties as they both have naturally-occurring flouride. Black tea has also been shown to inhibit the growth of plague.
  • Whole grains. Magnesium, Vitamin B and iron are just some of the components of whole grains that are known to help keep gums healthy. Include sensible amounts of brown rice, bran and others that are high in fiber in your daily diet.

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