There are plenty of myth that surround dentistry. This probably has a lot to do with the large number of people who associate pain and dread with attending a dental office. However, these horror stories and exaggerated cause and effects are not accurate and it’s time you learned the truth. So let’s talk about some of the more common myths you may have heard growing up or even well into adulthood. Your Sterling dentist wants to teach you the real facts!

  1. Bleaching Is Bad For Your Teeth
    This claim is entirely false. Bleaching products are completely safe so long as the directions are followed. Bleaching simply affects the color of the tooth and in no way lessens the health or strength of your teeth.
  2. If Your Gums Bleed, You Shouldn’t Be Brushing
    This myth actually perpetuates an idea that is entirely the opposite of how you should handle the situation. If your gums are bleeding when you are brushing it means you have not been brushing enough. The bleeding is caused by plaque and food particles have accumulated along your gum lines making your gums sensitive and irritated. The only way to prevent this from happening is to brush regularly and thoroughly.
  3. Sugar Will Destroy Your Smile
    This myth was probably instilled in you as a kid to prevent you from consuming candy and only candy. However, the amount of sugar in the food you eat is not directly correlated with how quickly your teeth decay. The trick to not allowing sugar to wear down your teeth is simply to brush directly after consuming it. If you do that, you can eat as much sugar as you like!