Durable, Well-Fitting & Natural-looking Dental Crowns

High-quality dental crowns, also known as a tooth cap, are one of the key tools Dr. Bursich uses to help preserve decayed teeth and to help improve smiles. As part of the complete patient services offered at Sterling Dental Center by Dr. Bursich, dental crowns that is well-fitted and long-lasting provide another dependable option to patients looking to improve their oral health, dental functionality and facial aesthetics. Special care is always taken to make sure that the procedure is fully explained, and techniques and skill is utilized to keep you from feeling pain during the procedure. If you need a dental crown, Dr. Bursich always ensures that you receive the right type of crown, and that it fits with your natural bite. If you believe that a tooth crown or other cosmetic dentistry procedure can give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of, please call to schedule your free, no obligation appointment at (703) 433-0234.