McKean Family Dentistry – Healthy Smiles, Happy Family

We want to be sure that you are our friend as well as our patient

We would like to welcome you and your family to our practice, where gentle, quality dentistry is our specialty.

Dr. Bursich is especially good with children and very knowledgeable about all aspects of children’s dentistry. His friendly and calm manner reassures children, and he has great success in helping children of all ages keep their teeth healthy and get any treatment they need.

Dr. Bursich is a father and a grandfather, and has years of experience in helping parents and children take care of their teeth.

With our extended evening hours, we have many families that come to the dentist as a group.

Growing healthy teeth and gums

Dr. Bursich recommends that you start including your child in trips to the dentist from an early age so that they will become comfortable with tooth care as a routine activity. From the moment a child’s first tooth breaks the surface, tooth care becomes an important issue for parents to be aware of.

There are many simple things that can and should be done in the early years of a child’s life to prevent unnecessary cavities and decay, all well before a child’s permanent teeth have matured.

When children routinely visit the dentist. and learn good oral-hygiene habits, they are much less likely to require extensive dental treatment as they grow older.