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Over time it is quite natural for teeth to decay due to a multitude of reasons. Often this results in losing one or more teeth. If you have experienced this and are missing a considerable number of your teeth it may be time to consider full or partial dentures.

Full dentures are a set of dentures that replace an entire arch of teeth. Patients can simply need a set of full dentures on the bottom or top set of teeth or both depending on the state of the smile.

Unlike full dentures, partial dentures only replace a small set of teeth rather than an entire arch. These kinds of dentures are best for people who are missing a few teeth but also still have healthy teeth in the rest of their mouth. This allows for patients to have an aesthetically pleasing smile while also keeping the majority of their natural teeth.

Both full and partial dentures require dental implants to ensure that the dentures are sturdy and remain in place.

The best way for you to know whether you need full or partial dentures is to visit your Sterling dentist. By simply assessing your current smile we can determine which of the two options would be best for you or perhaps suggest a third option. We know your smile is important to you and how hard it can be to feel comfortable with smiling or even laughing when you are self conscious of your teeth. Call your Sterling dentist today and make an appointment! We would love to help you get the smile you have been dreaming of!

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