Easter came early this year! And on the same day as April’s Fools. Hopefully no one plays a cruel Easter joke on you this year.

Easter is a holiday filled with long-standing traditions. Here are Sterling Dental Center’s favorite traditions.

Egg Hunts

One of the most fun parts about Easter as a kid is an Easter egg hunt. Eggs are hidden all over the house or yard filled with tiny trinkets and treats. Not everyone can attend the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, though if you are in Washington D.C. this Easter season, it is a sight to see.

Check your local area for neighborhood egg hunts, there are sure to be plenty occurring for the kids.


Easter baskets became the standard gift delivery method for this holiday and have been an Easter tradition for hundreds of years. Now baskets are filled with treats and set out or hidden for the recipient to find. Most people create candy heavy baskets, but we challenge you to skip the sugar rush and fill your baskets with toys, books, and other nonfood items.

Spring Flowers

With Easter coming so early this year, we may not see too many flowers sprouting up outside. One thing we will forever love about this holiday is the Spring foliage. The grass is green again, the flowers are starting to bloom, and birds are laying eggs. A few we are looking forward to seeing are crocuses, tulips, and daffodils.

Easter Animals

There are two animals that are closely tied to the Easter holiday: bunnies and chicks. Both are younger, cute animals. Both are seen everywhere, especially in treats. Chicks are reimagined as yellow, pink, blue peeps, while bunnies come in various chocolate shapes and sizes. If you have kids, you may end up spending some time with the Easter Bunny, getting pictures taken.

Egg Dyeing

A tradition that the whole family can enjoy is Easter egg dyeing. Pick up a kit or create your own color combinations. Use a white crayon to draw designs or write names on the eggs. You can easily vary the color intensity based on how long you keep the eggs in the color. After the eggs are dyed, you can use them in a yummy egg salad.

Easter is here, which means Spring is right around the corner and the warm weather should be sticking around. Sterling Dental Center wishes you a wonderful Easter with your family.