People are funny. They are quick to assume that the cup of coffee that they pay $5.00 a cup for is somehow intrinsically better than the 25 cent cup of coffee they can brew at home. But they tend to view something as important as dentures as “all the same”. The reality is, is that the investment you make in your replacement teeth is ultimately very important to your long-term satisfaction and your long-term dental health and should  be given much more forethought than you’re giving to that morning cup of Joe.

Dentures that are chosen in haste can often leave one frustrated and in possible pain. Because a majority of dentures do not encourage facial muscles to react or provide stimulation to the alveolar bone. The average denture does allow for deterioration of the jawbone, which over time will cause the denture to become ill-fitting and uncomfortable. Mouth sores and embarrassing slips are just the surface problems; long-term denture wearers also experience facial structure changes which cause early aging to occur.

Our custom dentures are made using the best “teeth” available and the strongest acrylic on the market. They provide the highest natural appearance and look so life-like, no one will know you’re wearing dentures. They are extremely durable and stain resistant, and your personal fitting and preview allows you to see your new smile before it is custom finished to your liking.

With less need for replacement and with less instances of mouth sores and jaw deterioration,  our custom dentures actually become less of a financial burden the longer the patient wears them. Find out more about these impressive dental devices by calling Sterling Dental Center at (703) 433-0234.