We know, it’s almost Halloween and your kiddos are getting so excited at the idea of an endless supply of sweets. This may have you concerned about the future state of your child’s teeth. However, there are measures you can take to ensure that this holiday doesn’t lead to an appointment at the dentist’s office. Follow these tips in order to prevent your child from suffering from Halloween induced cavities.halloween kids

Practice Some Restraint
Rather than letting your child have full access to their candy at all hours of the day, try putting a candy bar in their lunch box and allow for a sweet treat after dinner as well.

Brush and Rinse
Hopefully your child is already in the habit of brushing frequently. Have him/her rinse out their mouth after eating something that contains a lot of sugar will help to loosen the food particles from their teeth. Additionally, brushing after eating sweet treats will prevent sugar from remaining on the teeth for an extended amount of time, reducing the likelihood of cavities occurring.

Choose The Right Candies
Candies that are hard or chewy are much more likely to cause cavities as they remain in the mouth for a longer time than those that are easily chewed. Try to monitor which candies your child is drawn to the most as this can make all the difference.

Your Sterling dentist wants to make sure you are aware of how to protect your child’s teeth from cavities, especially around this time of year. Happy Halloween!