Why do your gums bleed?


There are a lot of reasons why your gums might bleed, and none of them are harmless. It can be due to things like medication or pregnancy, but most often it is because of plaque build up or even gingivitis, which is very common.


Many people go about their daily lives with plaque and gingivitis without even noticing, until it causes significant problems. If your gums are bleeding, here are some things to consider:
You need to step up your dental game.


It is commonly said that if you brush your teeth and floss often, then your teeth won’t bleed, but this is not always the case. If you are not taking care of your teeth properly, plaque can still build up and irritate your gums, which make them vulnerable to bleeding when you do decide to brush.


Have you ever noticed that your gums are tender even when you do brush regularly?


That is a sign of gum inflammation and could lead to further complications down the road.


So make sure you’re brushing your teeth often enough. If that means that you need to increase your brushing to three times a day, then so be it. Your health is worth it.


Is flossing really as beneficial as people say?


A lot of people go months or years without ever using the complimentary floss from their dentists, and seem to be fine, but rest assured, there is plaque buildup along he areas of their teeth. If you floss regularly, your risk for bleeding gums and periodontal disease is greatly reduced.


Remember when we mentioned that medication could also cause your teeth to bleed?


Well, if you find that even with your best dental efforts, that your teeth are still bleeding, then that could be the problem. Common medications for allergist namely antihistamines like Benedryl can cause dry mouth, which can lead to bleeding gums. Other medications that help to reduce blood pressure and even treat depression can also be a problem. Certain mouthwashes are specifically made to combat dry mouth and could help if you suspect that your medicine cabinet is to blame.


Lastly, what kind of toothbrush are you using?


A lot of people are heavy handed when the brush. Pushing too hard can wear down your gums and cause them to bleed. If you think that you are like this and can’t dial it back, consider buying a soft or extra soft toothbrush that will let you push without destroying your gums.


Remember that your food is very important when it comes to your dental health, so keep away from sweets and simple carbs, which can lead to decay and plaque build up.


Of course the easiest way to fix your gums from bleeding is to ask us at Sterling Dental Center!


Dr. Bursich and our staff can tell you why your teeth are bleeding and what exactly you can do about it. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We would prefer that your teeth don’t bleed at all, but if they do you know give us a call!