Summer is coming and with it comes warm weather, sunshine, and special summer treats. Some of these treats are full of sugar, and sugar contributes to dental issues like cavities and damage to tooth enamel.

Here are some popular (and tasty) summer treats that may have more sugar than you thought.

Fruit cocktail drinks

While refreshing and delicious, fruit cocktail drinks like margaritas and daquiris get their flavoring from sugar. As an alternative to sugar filled premade mixes, find a recipe online and make your own margarita / daquiri mix, which allows you to control the amount of sugar that is put in.


It should come as no surprise that part of why these drinks are so good is that they are full of sugar. If you are looking for a cold or frozen caffeine boost, try drinking a lighter version of any of these flavorful frozen drinks. Starbucks offers skinny versions of most of their items which are less caloric and have less sugar per serving. For example, the Caramel Frappuccino (Grande) has 66 grams of sugar while the Caramel Frappuccino Light (Grande) has 29 grams of sugar. And skip the cookie straw.

All nutritional information comes from Starbucks’ official site.

Frozen yogurt

Frozen yogurt quickly became a popular dessert and social activity during the warmer months, especially as a healthier alternative to ice cream. Frozen yogurt shops not only provide multiple options for flavors, but also for toppings. Most places have extensive topping bars with choices like cookie dough, Oreos, cheesecake crumbles, sour worms, assorted fruits. Most of the toppings are packed with sugar. Make sure to not bury your frozen yogurt treat with too many of the sugary toppings. If you are craving something sweet, pile on the fruit toppings instead.

Sports Drinks

After a hot summer run or bike ride, it’s tempting to refuel with a flavored sports drink. While these drinks do provide essential electrolytes, they also contain a lot of sugar. After an intense outdoor workout, make sure that most of your hydration comes from water and don’t rely solely on other sugary

Frozen Beverages

7-11’s free Slurpee day is right around the corner, where 7-11 gives out free small Slurpees. Slurpees are predominantly made from water and sugar. An Icee frozen beverage, which you frequently find at movie theaters, has 20 grams (plus) of carbohydrates per 6 ounce serving. Opt for a healthy smoothie instead of these water and sugar drinks.

All nutritional information comes directly from Icee’s official site.

Remember, limiting and avoiding these treats is not enough to keep your teeth healthy. Make sure to floss and brush daily and visit your dentist regularly.