At Sterling Dental Center, we are really excited to provide the best dental experience for you! How are we doing this? By using the latest and greatest in dental technology: the Solea dental laser.

Starting now, we will be leveraging this new technology in all applicable procedures.

What is the Solea dental laser?

The Solea dental laser is the top-selling tissue laser in the dentistry industry. It is the first CO2 dental laser cleared by the FDA for hard and soft tissue.

This new laser takes away the need for anesthesia in 95% of dental procedures. It also increases dental office efficiency, by reducing the number of visits it takes to complete necessary dental work.

Why the Solea dental laser?

Sterling Dental Center started using this new technology because, with Solea…

We can cut tissue easily, using a variable-speed foot pedal.

The unique wavelength makes procedures virtually soundless, painless, and sensationless.

You are getting a technology named one of Popular Science’s “Best of What’s New” products for 2014.

We can perform the majority of our procedures anesthesia free. No more drooling during or after procedures.

You will see a reduction in the amount of multi-appointment procedures.


A Better Experience

The Solea dental laser is reinventing the patient’s dental experience. Now, at Sterling Dental Center, we provide an overall better dental experience.

Your appointment time will be reduced, shortening the time you spend in our office and our chair. You won’t need anesthesia as often, meaning less drool and no needles! Even better than that, is the lack of pain. With Solea, the procedures that were once potentially painful are now pain free.

Solea is also great for patients with dental related anxiety. With its lack of sound, the laser takes away the stress created by loud tools and lots of noise.

So, don’t wait; call Sterling Dental Center today to schedule your first appointment with this innovative technology. It will be the easiest appointment you’ve ever had!