Sedation Dentist in Sterling VA
In the past we’ve touched on the idea that going to the dentist can be stressful for some people. There are a lot of people who are afraid of going to the dentist and would rather just be knocked out! While there are specialists who offer sedation dentistry, at Sterling Dental Center we know we can help with your anxiety through easier and safer options.

With sedation dentistry, the patient receives an oral sedative prior to any dental work. It does not remove the need for local anesthetics, like during a cavity filling, but makes the patient feel sleepy and thus less focused on their anxiety. It makes you drowsy and impairs your ability to drive.

At Sterling Dental Center, we do our best to put you at ease, without being sedated.

Talking through the procedure

Let us know first thing if you have any anxiety about going to the dentist or the specific procedure you are undergoing. We can talk you through the procedure ahead of time as well as when you are getting the procedure. If you hate the noises, let us know so we can explain what the tool is and what we will be using it for. We do these procedures every day, so we can easily describe them and break them down!

Bring music

Music makes such an impact on people and the right music can have an incredibly calming effect. Bring a phone or iPod with your favorite songs and you can listen to it while we are working. With headphones in, it should help lessen the sound of the tools, if that is one point where your anxiety comes from.

Seeing the procedure

Just like we can talk you through a procedure, we can also show you what we are doing. We do this a lot for kids, so they understand what is going on in their mouth but are just as happy to do this for adults too. We have mirrors we can use to show you exactly what is being done. Sometimes being able to see what is happening, helps lessen anxiety.

At Sterling Dental Center, we want you to have the best possible dental experience and have lots of experience with dental anxiety. If you have any concerns about visiting the dentist, give us a call and we can figure out the option that will work best for you!