We were all told growing up that sweets are the one thing we should avoid if we want to prevent cavities from occurring. Although staying away from sugar would be ideal, it isn’t exactly realistic, especially with Halloween right around the corner. There are some candies, however, that are worse for your oral hygiene than others. Here you can learn which candy to indulge in and which one to try to avoid.candy

Sour Candies:
It does not matter whether the sour candy you like if hard or soft, these tart treats are jam packed with acidity. Combine that with how much sugar is included and your tooth enamel won’t stand a chance.

Taffy, Gummy Candies & Candy Corn:
Although not entirely made of just sugar, these candies become an issue because they are difficult to remove from the grooves in your teeth. Even brushing vigorously does not guarantee you will get all the sugary remnants out of your teeth.

All Sugar:
You know exactly the type of candy we are referring to when we say “all sugar”. This also includes sugary food like cake and cookies. Chances are if you can taste the grit of the sugar in your mouth, then you should brush immediately after consuming it.

Hard Candy:
When it comes to candies that cannot be chewed like lollipops and jawbreakers, your teeth are not a fan. Because you have to hold these sorts of sweets in your mouth for extended amounts of time since they will not dissolve, your teeth are exposed to the sugar for much longer periods of time which can cause tooth decay fairly easily.
Nonetheless, enjoy your Halloween. Just remember what your Sterling dentist has told you and make sure to brush afterwards!