Why do my teeth hurt whenever I eat sweets?

If there is anything that oral bacteria loves to feast on it’s sugar. And that sugar/bacteria combination produces acid that is detrimental to tooth enamel. As those acids eat away, tooth sensitivity builds creating for painful situations whenever hot, cold or sugary substances hit those weakened teeth.

If you or your family members have sweet teeth that just don’t seem to be satisfied, remember the old adage about enjoying everything in moderation. Plus, after enjoying your sugary treats, make sure to quickly and thoroughly brush your teeth, promptly removing the sugar and offensive bacteria that are so harmful to tooth surfaces. If you are unable to brush within a logical time period, make sure to drink plenty of water, washing your teeth clean as much as possible. Sugar-free gum is also a good alternative to sticky candy, which is likely to adhere to teeth with its sugary, bacteria-growing gunk.

As your Sterling dentist, we recommend that you limit your intake of sugar and sweets, as it is preferred for both oral and overall health, though it is understandable that you will be in situations where they are offered, or you are just craving them. Just remember to be smart about it and clean those damaging sugars from your oral cavity as soon as possible. A good rule of thumb is: the same amount of time it took for you to wolf down that cupcake, you should spend twice the amount brushing your teeth afterwards. Though we are approaching the subject with a small bit of sarcasm, it isn’t a bad piece of advice. This way you can have your cake… and painless teeth too.