5 Things to Avoid for White Teeth

5 Things to Avoid for White Teeth

If you notice that your teeth are starting to get discolored, your diet is most likely to blame. There are some foods that are obvious causes of teeth staining, but some that might be more surprising.

Here are the top 5 things to avoid if you want to keep your teeth white.

1. Citrus and Acidic Foods

These foods are the common culprit when your teeth are starting look particularly yellow. If that is happening, cut down on your intake of these foods. They are full of nutrients but tend to erode the enamel. Some examples are lemons, oranges, grapefruits, tomatoes.

2. Coffee

This one wont surprise anyone – coffee has tannins that are responsible for discoloration. While some people think that drinking coffee with a straw is the best option, but actually try drinking it with a to-go lid instead.

3. Sweet Treats

Another not surprising items is candy and sweets. Like we’ve mentioned in previous posts, the sugars contained in sweet treats stick to your teeth becoming food for bacteria. While the bacteria are eating these sugars, they release an acid that leads to tooth decay.

4. Soda

Similarly to the sweets, soda is bad for your teeth coloring because of its sugar content. In addition to having a high sugar content, soda is carbonated which equals acidity. Sugar and acidity combined make for a lethal weapon in terms of discoloring your teeth. Even the sugar-free versions, so it’s best to say goodbye to soda for good.

5. Dark Berries

A group of fruits that you may not think of is the dark berries: blueberries, blackberries, and pomegranates. These fruits are packed with nutrients and antioxidants as well as rich pigments. Just as they are hard to remove from clothes, they are hard to remove their stains from teeth.

There are of course more foods to avoid but remember: you don’t have to cut any of these foods out entirely. Moderate and mindful consumption combined with proper dental care will keep your teeth shining bright. Call Sterling Dental Center today to tackle the dental care aspect!