Fix cavities with tooth color composite fillings: the preferred choice to Amalgam (silver fillings)

Dr. Bursich provides tooth-colored fillings using a bio-compatible dental composite. For large restorations, he may use an inlay or onlay. Inlays and onlays are a type of restoration that is used to repair a broken-down tooth, for large cavities or to replace an existing large filling. Inlays are designed for tooth damage affecting the indented portion of the top of the tooth and onlays are for more extensive damage.

Advantages over Amalgam Fillings

Aesthetics is the big advantage over silver amalgam dental fillings. Additionally, as silver does not stick to teeth, healthy tooth structure is usually removed to keep an amalgam filling in place. Composite fillings allow your dentist to remove only the decayed area of your tooth. Unlike amalgam fillings, composite bonding expands just like your teeth and are much less likely to cause cracks in your tooth. Dr. Bursich etches, primes and bonds the material to the tooth, increasing the strength of the tooth rather than decreasing it.

Dr. Bursich also believes that the heavy metals contained in amalgam fillings are not healthy and could create complications for you in the future. He uses only composite, bio-compatible dental fillings in his practice.

Safe Removal of Amalgam Fillings

Create a beautiful smile with the removal of your old metal fillings. We use special equipment and procedures for safe removal and replacement of your fillings with natural-looking, tooth-colored fillings.

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