Which countries have the worst teeth?


We don’t mean which countries have the most stereotypical crooked teeth, like in certain European countries, we mean which countries have the most decay and complications.


Maybe a better question would be, “which countries have the worst dental health?”


Do you have any guesses?


When we thought about this a couple theories came to mind:


Rich countries will have the best teeth because of good dental care.

Poor countries will have best teeth because of less refined sugar.


Both are correct, actually.


According to the Gapminder Foundation, it has been observed that countries that find themselves smack dab in the middle in terms of income per person have the worst teeth.


The only problem is, we don’t really know why.


We can guess that this is due to an abundant supply of sugar and other processed foods, and a scarcity of affordable dental care.


It’s also worth mentioning that most of those countries in the middle range are only moderately worse-off than poor and rich countries. The worst countries are simply concentrated in this range.


It could also be that there is simply less emphasis on good dental care in those countries. The United States and other rich countries have a pretty solid base as far as dental health education. There is a huge emphasis on preventative care that may not be seen as important in some places.


In case you’re curious, the worst country in terms of dental health is St. Lucia, closely followed by Saudi Arabia. The best country is Bermuda. The US and other European countries are very close in terms of dental health, which is surprising considering the United States’ infamous relationship with heath problems.


You could say that dental health is one of the areas that the United States is on par with the rest of the modern world. Remember, it is the preventative care that keeps us all healthy! Don’t just call us when you have a problem! Call us to make sure the problem never arises in the first place!