These days it is far more common for a child to have braces once they reach a certain age, than to not. However, it is often a struggle for parents to figure out when it is time to take that trip to see the orthodontist. Normally your dentist can give you a pretty good idea of when the time will be right for your kid to go through this infamous rite of passage. However, in case this isn’t the case, here are some things to consider.

Most orthodontics treatments begin when children are between the ages of 9 and 14. On average the treatment lasts anywhere from one to three years, although each individual child is different.

Many parents fear that having braces put on too young will eventually result in their child having crooked teeth later in life. This is not completely out of the question, as each treatment and each child varies. However, we suggest you talk to your dentist before ever agreeing to have your child’s braces put on, in order to get a better understanding of what the long term expectations are concerning your child’s smile. There is absolutely no reason to remain in the dark when your child’s teeth and your bank account are on the line.

Overall, the best advice is to simply keep the lines of communication open between yourself, your dentist and your orthodontist.

If you have questions or concerns feel free to call your Sterling dentist today. We will do our best to put you at ease and elaborate on this process.